Have questions about CCTV cameras and surveillance systems? Many people do. We will therefore take a closer look at some of the most frequently asked questions and of course, provide answers.

1. How can I tell which CCTV camera is right for me and my security needs?

It isn’t difficult to get confused considering the many options available. You are recommended to ask an expert to assess your property and tell you what you really need (and don’t need) because there is no one-size-fits all solution. Also, consider the following factors when choosing the right CCTV camera:

2. How many CCTV cameras should I install?

How many CCTV cameras you need to cover the area you want to survey depends on its size and layout. For a normal layout without blind spots, one camera per 1,000 square feet is usually enough.

3. How long will my records be stored?

The answer to this question depends on multiple factors including your hard drive’s size, the number of cameras you use, the types of recording (non-stop vs on motion), resolution, etc. You are recommended to ask the manufacturer or retailer for additional information about the capacity.

4. What happens to the recordings when the hard disk is full?

When your hard disc is full, it will start overwriting the old recordings, typically starting with the oldest. So if you have a capacity for 20 days, the first day will be overwritten on 21st day.

5. How much details can I see on the recordings?

Obviously, the more detail you can see the better. How much detail you will actually be able to see in the first place depends from your camera’s lens but it also depends on the type of your camera. For example, if your CCTV camera doesn’t use infra-red technology, you won’t be able to see much from recordings made in darkness.

6. Can I record audio too?

CCTV cameras normally don’t record audio but it is also possible to find models from an online spy shop that do.

7. How do I keep my CCTV cameras in top condition?

Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions on maintenance.

8. How vulnerable are CCTV cameras to vandalism?

CCTV cameras are rarely targets of the vandals because they are aware that there is a great chance that they will be recorded. But it is good to know than most outdoor models are designed to withstand medium strength blows.

9. What if I catch someone on my CCTV camera?

You are advised to save the recordings on a CD or DVD and hand it over to the police. Depending on what exactly you have caught on your camera, they will take the necessary measures.

10. How many crimes are actually recorded by CCTV cameras?

There are no publicly available information about how many crimes are actually recorded by CCTV cameras in the UK. According to Thanet District Council, their CCTV cameras caught over 3,400 crimes in 2009/10 which equals 10 incidents per day in Thanet alone.