CCTV Security Systems

CCTV security systems consist of one or multiple CCTV cameras and a DVR receiver. Some systems, however, foresee access to recordings via online from a computer or smartphone, while the others include real time monitoring by security guards either inside the building itself or from a central unit elsewhere. The main purpose of CCTV security systems is of course to prevent crime by letting potential burglars and vandals know that they are being watched. And in most cases, the sight of a camera alone is enough to drive them away because they are aware that they cannot escape legal persecution if being caught by the camera because footages of crime obtained from CCTV can be used as evidence in the court.

Types of CCTV Security Systems

There are many types of CCTV security systems to choose from. Most home owners decide for the so-called CCTV security kits which usually include one or multiple cameras and a receiver, allowing you to go back to and view the recordings. But as mentioned earlier, CCTV security systems may also consist only of one or multiple cameras, while the recordings are accessed via computer or the Internet.

Business owners, apartment buildings/communities and owners of mixed use buildings often choose CCTV security solutions which involve real time monitoring of recordings by a security guard. Unlike the former options which are almost exclusively based on deterrence, this solution includes an active protection because the person monitoring the property is either trained to react in case of suspicious activity or sends security guards/police to the property.

All CCTV security systems can be used independently or in combination with other security systems to further enhance safety of the property.

How Much Do CCTV Security Systems Cost

The cost of a CCTV security system of course depends on the selected solution. Obviously, the system involving real time monitoring is considerably more expensive than a kit of CCTV cameras with a DVR receiver. Sophistication is another factor that plays an important role in the price and the more sophisticated the system the higher the price. But in overall, CCTV security systems are very cost-efficient and you can find a decent kit below £1,000. And considering that they enable you to survey your property both inside and outside, keep a close eye of remote and vulnerable areas, and scare off most burglars, thieves and vandals, they are most certainly worth investing in.