IR CCTV Cameras

What Are IR CCTV Cameras

IR CCTV cameras are a type of surveillance cameras that use infra-red light which allows capturing images in areas with little or no light. They use the same technology that has been used by the military and police for decades. The IR technology has been available to the general public for quite some time but until recently, IR products had a limited market due to lack of awareness and high prices.

Applications of IR CCTV Cameras

IR CCTV cameras are appropriate for virtually any application. They are available in a wealth of styles, designs and sizes, and both wired and wireless versions. Of course you also have the ability to choose between indoor and outdoor models, and various extra features which make them even more effective in crime prevention and recording. IR CCTV cameras can be installed just about everywhere but since the infra-red technology allows creation of an image where there is virtually no light, they are ideal for dark, remote and vulnerable places requiring surveillance 24/7.

How Do IR CCTV Cameras Work

IR CCTV cameras work similarly as night vision goggles that are used by the military and police.

What Are the Advantages of IR CCTV Cameras

If you’re planning to buy a CCTV surveillance system, it is worth considering systems that feature IR CCTV cameras for several reasons. Some of the main advantages of the infra-red technology include: