Low-Cost CCTV Cameras

Want to improve your property’s security but don’t want to spent a fortune for a security system? Well, you don’t have to. The very same pieces of security equipment that were unaffordable just a few years are today within the reach of most people. And this counts for CCTV cameras too.

Why Is There Such a Difference in Price Between Different CCTV Cameras?

You can find CCTV cameras from about £100 to over £1000. Obviously, a question occurs why is there such a difference in price? Are the expensive ones really so much better? Or what is even more important, do the inexpensive ones even work? The truth is that the price is influenced by several factors. And sophistication is most certainly one of these factors. Obviously, cameras with the latest technology are considerably more expensive than those that are based on 10 years old technology. Another important factor that influences the price, however, is the brand which means that you will pay more for a name brand camera than for a no-name alternative of comparable quality. So don’t automatically assume that low-cost CCTV cameras are technologically obsolete.

Finding Quality Low-Cost CCTV Camera

If you would like to buy quality but inexpensive CCTV camera to improve your property’s security, you should focus on no-name cameras. As mentioned earlier, you will pay a lot less than by opting for a name brand camera. But don’t simply rule out name brand cameras. They can often be found at very competitive prices, especially at wholesale dealers and online retailers who always have a few pieces at discounted prices.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Low-Cost CCTV Camera

The main purpose of a CCTV camera is to improve your property’s security and deter criminals. Believe it or not, but just about any camera will do. In fact, some people are even installing dummy cameras to make the impression that their property is under video surveillance. However, not all criminals are driven away by a surveillance camera which leads us to the second purpose of this security system – capturing the perpetrator and providing evidence for legal persecution.

So when deciding between the many CCTV cameras available, don’t focus on the price alone. If a few pounds extra will get you a higher definition image, you are highly recommended to spend a little bit more. Lastly, make sure that the camera meets your security requirements. For example, if you want to survey your property outdoors, make sure that the camera is weather-proof and that it is suitable for night-time surveillance because most property crimes take place during the night.