Wanting to sell your home fast? Here’s how to do it the right way

If you are in need of money, because of an unexpected situation, such as a move, a home repossession or a divorce then you may want to do a fast sale home procedure, in order to sell your home all the quicker. However, read our tips before you get started, if you don’t want to end up losing lots of money on this transaction.

  • 1. Always evaluate your home before doing anything else

    There are several agencies which deal with certified evaluation and this is quite a quick process, which is cheap as well. Contact at least 2 certified agencies to make this evaluation for you, and see how much the price difference between the two evaluations is, then stick with the one which values your home more.

  • 2. Find the place where you want to move

    This is absolutely important, because this is the only way you can do calculations and get prepared with the downsizing of everything you have in your home. You are likely to have only a short time to make the move so, it’s better to be prepared and even make agreements.

  • 3. If you can arrange your new place start moving right away

    Start moving your things to the new place. This has several reasons: first of all, the emptier is the property the larger it looks from the inside. If you give it a good cleaning then you can end up asking more for it than you have originally intended. Also, this way, you make the final moving process much quicker.

  • 4. If you need to sell your home real fast and have no other choice then to find a fast sale home company:

    Then check all their credentials, look for opinions and reviews about them and also make sure you also try to sell your home via a regular real estate agency, as the fast home sale companies generally offer way less than the original value of your property. Check if the company is registered anywhere in your country and if they had any run-ins with the law before in any ways.

  • 5. Put everything in writing

    Read the contract through very well, to avoid any unpleasant surprises, such as exclusivity in selling your property which is unfortunately way more general then it should be. Do not believe anything which is only assured verbally, make sure that the selling price is being put down in writing and cannot be legally changed from that point on.

  • 6. Try your best to act on time

    If you can start selling well before moving out, you have tons of possibilities, to bring the best out of your property to get a better price for it. You can also contact more real estate agencies in your region and push the selling that way.

  • 7. If in doubt with a contract, don’t sign before you get a legal advisor

    Contracts can be worded with extreme smartness in a way that most people don’t even comprehend to what they are really about. If you have doubts call an independent advisor to clarify what the contract is really about.